Inbal’s first shoot after maternity leave and pandemic is luxurious!

Fashion Gone Rouge

The popular fashion website reports: "Inbal Amirav Dazzles in a Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam Feature"

BAZAAR Vietnam

Inbal graces the cover of BAZAAR Vietnam in a special feature, including an interview.

Maternity Shoots

Inbal has a callback for Blue Shield and shoots a Kaiser Permanente: “Thrive” commercial. Also booking a fitting for a maternity clothing line before the pandemic. 

Cover Girl

Inbal graces two covers for a special issue of Gmaro magazine. The UK magazine is now vailable on

Oscars 2020

Once Upon A Time…In Hollywood lands 10 Oscar nominations spanning nearly every major category including Best Picture. In the film, Inbal plays Jay Sebring's Date (Emile Hirsch).

Netflix Film

Inbal shoots an upcoming film for five days, directed by Amy Poehler as a student who is a part of a feminist revolution. In a true female empowerment nature, production continued to work with Inbal regardless of her growing baby bump.

Big News

Inbal kicks 2020 by announcing she is now signed with Expecting Models.

Magazine Cover

Upcoming magazine editorial & cover: Marika Magazine

Indie Film

Inbal books a role in a film cast by Morman Boling Casting and shoots in Iowa.

Sonny Commercial

AR commercial is out in Japan.

Honda Reuse

A SAG Honda commercial Inbal shot is reused for an additional cycle.

SAG National

Catch Inbal in a Sag National commercial for Hispanic Market out now. Llegó la fiesta del mejor!

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood scores Tarantino's biggest opening.

SWAGGER Magazine

Inbal is interviewed for Swagger Magazine. The article is titled Destined For Stardom.

Netflix Film

Inbal plays a bikini model in an iconic scene in an upcoming Netflix film produced by Plan B Entertainment.

Women Daily

Inbal is interviewed for Women Daily Magazine about makeup tricks she learned while on set.

Undisclosed Shoot

Inbal works again with legendary photographer Frank Ockenfels, who shot her billboard ads for an E! Network promo several years ago. And video produced by Spitting Image.

Undisclosed Shoot

Inbal's modeling agent books her as a model in the 80s on a hit TV show. 


Inbal books a pre-production shoot to inspire a new Disney character!

Sovereign Talent Group

Inbal signs with Sovereign Talent Group. The agency's roster includes Eric Roberts, Dominique Swain and Talia Shire.

Elucid Magazine

In 2019 she was one of four Israeli actresses, along with Gal Gadot, Natalie Portman and Odeya Rushto be named as “the cream of the crop” of the “Israeli Actresses Who Are Taking Over Hollywood by a Storm” by Elucid magazine.

Thrive Global

Inbal is interviewed for the Thrive Global, a magazine which was created by Arianna Huffington, the co-founded of The Huffington Post

Undisclosed Shoot

Inbal shoots an undisclosed commercial produced by GE Projects and Lloyd&Co.

Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists

Inbal plays Molly in a bonus scene of Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists season finale, sponsored by Disney's Aladdin.   

Undisclosed Film Shoot

Inbal shoots for five days with a legendary crew of filmmakers and actors and learns valuable acting lessons.

The Ritz Herald 

The Webby Awards honors Michael Douglas with a Webby Special Achievement Award for his fantastic work on Netflix's The Kominsky Method. Inbal, who won a Webby a year ago, is interviewed by The Ritz Herald and talks about her experience playing his students on the show.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood became a buzzed Oscar contender after it's much anticipated Cannes Film Festival premiere.

Shushu Entertainment

Inbal signs with Shushu Entertainment.

Magazine Editorials

Upcoming magazine editorial: Creators Magazine BLOOMING | May Vol.2 | Issue.8

Undisclosed Shoot

Inbal books a modeling shoot.

Dos Equis Toast

National & Spanish market spots. Inbal plays an emotional bridesmaid, while in her real life she is now the bride.

Undisclosed Commercial

Inbal plays a camper in a beautiful location in an undisclosed commercial directed by Stewart Handler and produced by Native Content and rpa ad agency.

Season 2

‘The Kominsky Method’ is renewed for season 2 by Netflix and Inbal returns to set, playing Michael Douglas’s acting student.

Yuli Group

Inbal signs with Yuli Models, Israel’s leading agency, who’s roaster includes Victoria Secret’s models as well as Israel’s most iconic talents.

International Print

Inbal shoots at the Disney Ranch for an international brand. Produced and cast by Urban NYC for McGarry Bowen Ad Agency.

Silver Award

Inbal wins a Silver Shorty Social Good Award for Best Influencer & Celebrity Partnership, with Emilia Clarke wining gold as well as Ellen Degeneres. A good company to be in.

Minute Maid

SAG Holiday commercial for Minute Maid featuring Inbal is reused for several more cycles.

Undisclosed Commercial

Inbal shoots a commercial produced by Serial Pictures and directed by John Hillcoat

Strong Ratings 

CBS won the 10 p.m. hour with S.W.A.T (5.24 million) Season 2, Episode 6: Never Again. Now streaming on

Brand Models

Inbal signs with Brand Models.

Shorty Social Good Awards

Inbal is a finalist for a Shorty Social Good Award. Together with the inspiring  Ellen DeGeneres and Emilia Clarke in the Influencer & Celebrity category.


Inbal plays a Mermaid in an ABC show.

Undisclosed Commercial

Inbal plays a bridesmaid in an undisclosed commercial produced by Hungry Man and Droga5 ad agency.


Inbal books a Co-Star role on the 2nd season of S.W.A.T.

Best Buy

Commercial shoot.


Inbal works on a film directed by a legendary multi Oscar winning director.

Mechanical Horse

Inbal is back on the mechanical horse for another spot in an undisclosed commercial by duo directors Terri Timely and produced by Park Pictures.


Inbal shoots an undisclosed commercial.

Solstice Magazine

A full 10 page pictorial in the special Raw issue, out now and available worldwide on MagCloud.

Elléments Magazine

Full 4 page pictorial in July 2 issue, shot by celebrity photographer Marcel Indik,
out now and available worldwide on MagCloud.

Shake Weight

Inbal will be featured in the new commercial for the famed Shake Weight. The previous commercial went viral, gained popular attention and has been parodied by Saturday Night Live, The Daily Show, South Park, Thor: Ragnarok and Deadpool.

Commercial Shoot

Inbal shoots an international commercial directed by Simón Brand.

Creature Effects

Inbal shoots an undisclosed commercial by duo directors Terri Timely while on an animatronic running horse by Creature Effects.

How To Get Away With Murder

Inbal is recurring on the set of the 5th season of How To Get Away With Murder, playing Viola Davis’s law student.


Inbal shoots an industrial.


Inbal works on an Independent Film.

Magazine Editorials

Upcoming magazine editorials: Ellements Magazine summer issue and Solstice special raw issue.


Article in LaIsha magazine - Israel's leading women's  magazine.


Inbal books a commercial for an undisclosed Sony product and works again with Nurture Digital.


Inbal attends the 22nd Annual Webby Awards and receives the award for 'Best Individual Performance'.


Catch Inbal in the worldwide new Motorola e 5 commercial directed by Alex Germanotta

Carl Weathers

First screening of A Burger And A Bullet directed by Carl Weathers

Webby Awards Press

"The Future is Female: Webby Awards Recognizes Oprah Winfrey, Meryl Streep, Inbal Amirav and the Women's March"

Webby Award

Inbal has been recognized as a Nominee for the 22nd Annual Webby Awards in the Film & Video - Best Individual Performance category.


Inbal books a commercial for the Hallmark Channel, directed by Elaine Cantwell and produced by the award winning  Broadway Video

Fitness Commercial

Inbal books a commercial for a non disclosed fitness product. Stay tuned for more details


Rizk commercial is out, directed by Robert Jitzmark

Undisclosed Shoot

Inbal books a Japanese commercial.

Woo Hoo

Inbal books a worldwide commercial directed by Alex Germanotta for the Woo Ad Agency.


Inbal models in a commercial inspired by Jordache 80s advertising, directed by Seth Rogen for a new comedy show.


Inbal works on set of The Kominsky Method, a new Netflix comedy, playing Michael Douglas’s acting student.


Inbal shoots a commercial for Pechanga Resort & Casino.

Real/Unreal PSA

Inbal volunteers for a campaign to promote a healthy body image among young girls and women. The campaign, produced by Adi Barkan, a renown Israeli fashion photographer, protests against the highly unrealistic representation of women in the media and it’s impact on eating disorders in adolescents.

European Ad

Inbal books a commercial shooting opposite Patrick Warburton to air in Australia, Belgium, Denmark, France, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands and Norway. By Futatsu Industries ad agency.

Turner Sports

Commercial shoot for Turner Sports.

Jim Beam

Print photoshoot for Jim Beam by Leo Burnett Ad Agency.


Print photoshoot for xfinity.


Inbal can be seen in AFAA's social media ad campaign.


Inbal's scene is used in an additional episode. You can now catch her  in both 'Cool Guy' and 'Pinkwashing Machine' available on Amazon.

Show My Property

Show My Property agency re-books Inbal for another real estate commercial

Nurture Digital

Inbal books a Print & Commercial fitness shoot produced by Nurture Digital

You Can Do Better

Inbal is currently recurring on You Can Do Better.

Undisclosed Shoot

Inbal shoots an undisclosed project directed by Carl Weathers


Season 4 of Transparent is set to be released September 22nd. Inbal co-stars in the episode chosen to be screened at award screenings. 


Inbal shoots with John Goldhammer and five time Emmy®-award winning producer Francine Bergman

Magic Minerals

Inbal books a commercial and print shoot for Jerome Alexander Cosmetics - Magic Minerals Compact

Show My Property

Inbal shoots a real estate commercial produced by Show My Property TV

Psychology Today

Inbal books a Magazine shoot at Smashbox Studios.

Deca Creative

Inbal shoots a music video with Deca Creative for a new Sony band.

Across The Board

Inbal signs with ATB Talent Agency.


Inbal shoots a commercial produced by Kernel as an Ice Princess.


Inbal accepts an offer for a Top of Show Guest Star role in a Bellum Entertainment syndicated show


Inbal shoots a Recurring Co Starring role on a truTV comedy show


Inbal books a Co Starring role on the 4th season of the award winning comedy Transpernt

Undisclosed Shoot

More details coming soon


Inbal books a commercial for Sunsilk hair products

Undisclosed Shoot

More details coming soon.


Inbal is recurring on the set of the 3rd season of ballers. 

Foot Locker

Inbal shoots a SAG Foot Locker commercial.


Inbal books an Australian infomercial, ending 2016 strong.


Minute Maid commercial is out.

Music Video

Inbal shoots a music video directed by Dave Schwep

Book Cover Shoot

Inbal shoots a book cover as a character inspired by Lauren Bacall.

Undisclosed Shoot

More details coming soon.

Minute Maid

Inbal shoots a SAG Holiday commercial for Minute Maid


Inbal shoots with director George Clooney

Music Video

Inbal shoots a music video with 23Fiftn production 

New Energy

Inbal signs with Energy Talent Management

Northwestern Medicine

Inbal shoots a SAG commercial Northwestern University

McDonald's Industrial

Inbal shoots a McDonald's Industrial

Comedy Film

Inbal is pinned for a comedy film starring Eric Roberts shooting later this year


Inbal books a campaign and catalog shoot for the "west coast prep" fashion brand Jonnie-O


Ad shoot for Sketcha, a design brand focused on jewelry & accessories

Eva Varro

Inbal Shoots for Eva Varro, a resort clothing line sold at Bloomingdales, Dillard's and other major department stores

New Campaign

"Inbal Amirav Sizzles in New Amanda Keidan Campaign" Teen Vogue tweets as Inbal lands the role as the face of the luxe brand

Hadshot USA

Inbal graces the cover of Hadshot USA with a front page story


Inbal models for the legendary photographer Peter Coulson for RGG EDU tutorials as he teached posing and connecting with the camera

New Website 2016

Many updates coming soon. Stay tuned.


Inbal shoots a promo for FX NOW app, directed by Danny Yount

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